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Life, Love and Motherhood | San Diego Family Photographer

By on January 5, 2016

Two babies, two Newfoundland’s and two lovebirds in a motorhome. This family speaks my love language for a simple life of more. More time together, more saying “no” to things that fill a home but do not fulfill a life. So we got cozy in their one-bedroom home on…

Lego Mindstorms curriculum |


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Robotics: Introducing Your Child to Problem Solving

By on December 15, 2015

I have one pin that has consistently been saved and re-pinned on Pinterest. It happens to be our Science curriculum this year for my 2nd grader. And he cannot get enough of it.

We’ve entered the world of robotics after experiencing them at one of the science days at Balboa…

Coronado Family Photography | C.S. Photography


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fleeting snuggles | Coronado Family Photographer

By on December 6, 2015

I’ve been in a sentimental mood lately. Well maybe it’s denial. Somehow my 7 year old sprang like a weed and is well on his way to sporting his own set of man feet. And almost…almost gone are the days of snuggling. I’m a little freaked out by the…

A photo for your great grandchildren


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If You Could Be Remembered in One Picture, What Would It Be?

By on November 17, 2015

I dug out an old box of my grandmothers family photos. Most from the late 1930’s. Of family members I assume. The images were strikingly beautiful. I stared a good long while puzzled over why I was so drawn to them. Essentially they were strangers. I had no idea of…


This blog is about embracing the journey with kids because the adventure is worth it. You’ll find my C.S. Photography sessions highlighting motherhood, childhood and families. You’ll also be inspired to learn with your kids, travel often and exist in your memories.