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By on April 10, 2012

Back-to-back deployments and the dreaded extension have left these wives understandably exhausted and ready for their husbands to be home. I don’t normally get into politics, but sometimes you just have to say something. I was at the hair salon the other day and the salon was abuzz with chatter about the F-18 crash that happened the day before in Virginia Beach. One person in particular made the comment that she hoped this incident would be the final straw that closes Oceana and moves the jets out of the area. What broke my heart was her reasoning. “The jets were so loud over her home that every 2 seconds she had to pause her TV show just so she could hear it.” Sometimes I feel like the average person in our country is so far removed from this war. Unless you have a loved one serving, you probably hardly think about those serving overseas. Or the wives left back home expecting their husbands to return for the birth of a baby, only to find out that an extension has pushed his arrival back a few months. Put yourself in their shoes. The scariest day of my life was hearing about that jet crash and not knowing if my husband was safe. 30 minutes of what-if. 30 minutes of calling close friends and family. 30 minutes of prayers and crying until the phone finally rang. If the only thing you have to sacrifice is listening to noise during your tv show, I’d say you are doing pretty good. Imagine those without the freedom to turn on the tv. Imagine those who are flying…and training…so they can go to war for you and back up the men and women who are on the ground taking a bullet for you. I am so proud of my husband for what he does for this country. I’m so proud of these women for what they do! All I can say is shame on those of you who want the freedom but just can’t sacrifice your 30 minute tv show. *Stepping off my soap box now.*

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  1. Reply


    April 10, 2012

    Not to mention… the overwhelming comfort that that Jet Noise brings to the hearts of those whose loved ones fly!

  2. Reply

    Sarah Stewart

    April 10, 2012

    I hope that you got the chance to say something to that rude woman! It would have taken a lot for me to not confront her! Loved your post!

  3. Reply

    Rachael Gasser

    April 10, 2012

    Sounds like someone deserved a face punch! Haha! A. You are spot on, B. These shots are AMAZING!, C. You Blaster Babes are some strong, amazing, and super gorgeous ladies!

  4. Reply

    Lori Clinton

    April 11, 2012

    Very well said! I am glad everyone was safe and sound and so wish everyone can read this!!!

  5. Reply

    Jenn M

    April 11, 2012

    What beautiful ladies! Thanks for posting this Christene, well said!!!

  6. Reply

    L Maloney

    April 11, 2012

    Thank you!! More folks need to say this publicly…. Let’s not forget our women military pilots also…