About Christene

2012-05-30_040 Hi there!

Do you struggle with getting your kids out the door? It’s amazing how hard leaving the house with them is. Isn’t it? 45 minutes later you’ve found your son’s missing shoe. They’re dressed and fed and you’ve even remembered to throw an emergency snack in your purse (after first removing the smooshed one your forgot about from the prior week). The kids are strapped down in the car, you head down the street just in time to hear those dreaded words…well there’s 2 phrases that I dread the most. 1. I’m hungry. 2. I have to pee.  Ahhhhh.

Do you share my pain? If so, you’re in the right place. This blog is about reminding you that the adventure is worth it. It’s about learning to embrace the getting there as much as the being there. I am the artist behind C.S. Photography. Here you’ll find my sessions highlighting motherhood, childhood and families. But you’ll be inspired to learn with your kids, to embrace the adventures, and exist in your memories. Thanks for joining me!

Happy wandering!