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Deciding to Homeschool

Get Out of Your Own Way: Deciding to Homeschool

By on November 10, 2015

It’s taunting you. That reoccurring urge to homeschool your kids. It’s a whisper in your ear… maybe a few blog posts you’ve read that have inspired you. Maybe your child’s current school isn’t working out so well or a friend you know homeschools and you get to thinking: “I wish I could do that. But there’s no way! I have no patience! She would never listen to me!”

You are your biggest critique.

I’m this way too. So many insecurities and hesitations. I’m good at giving advice, bad at following my own. Homeschooling is simple, but it’s so incredibly easy to over think it. (Unless you are homeschooling a high schooler. This is where I say good luck and please send me all your notes in 5 years. :))  I poured over blogs and curriculum choices. Dreamed up beautiful homeschool spaces and supply lists. Thinking it all had to be perfectly in order to get started. Thinking I had to know it all to get started. Feeling so incredibly fallible. Like I had the weight of my child’s future on my shoulders and knowing screwing it up wasn’t an option.

What you need to hear

If homeschooling is calling you, take the leap with both feet and learn as you go. Stop measuring yourself to Pinterest and the American school system. Meet your kids where they are in their own education and interests and start from there. You are worthy of the journey. I never knew what “the call” was until I started homeschooling. Until God put it in my heart to educate these boys. Let me say it again. You are worthy of the journey. You are capable and intelligent and God will put the tools into your hands as you need them. Take the leap and start. Be flexible and listen to the whispers that guide your journey. Your day will need tweaking. Follow the passion and the spark and let them guide you. You’ve been given the task, and the journey so just start walking and see where your feet take you.

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