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Learn iPhone Photography: A Free Guide for Moms
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Learn iPhone Photography: A Free Guide for Moms

By on October 27, 2015

“Why do my iPhone pictures always look like this?!”

A friend sent me this text message one night. Attached was a dark and blurred version of her son playing trains. Can you empathize with her?  That conversation inspired a short ebook geared towards moms who want to take better iPhone pictures of their kids.

What you will learn

  1. Light: How to find it and expose for it specifically on the iPhone.
  2. Focus: Tricks of the iPhone to get more in focus pictures.
  3. Composition: Tips that every photographer knows, but not every mom knows.
  4. Enhancement: Suggested apps that will enhance your images. Guide to taking better iPhone pics

A while back I was the person who had a friend that took gorgeous images on her phone. I wanted those. But I was too embarrassed and nervous to ask. I don’t always want to carry my big DSLR on me. Sometimes, I just want a quick snap to remember the last day of swim class, or to catch two brothers actually getting along for a change. That’s when I love the iPhone.

If you’ve ever thought the question but never knew who to ask, here’s your guide! (Click that link!) You’ll get your free download with email subscription to C.S. Photography. (Yep, you’ve gotta subscribe.) But your email is safe with the awesome people at MailChimp who give you the option to unsubscribe anytime.This blog is a personal and creative project of mine. It’s a space of inspiration for motherhood. It probably stems from my own feelings of being invisible sometimes. So, if you don’t like inspiration or a kick in the butt to go adventuring with your own kids or a reminder that the adventure is worth it… if you don’t want to exist in their memories you can probably go ahead and unsubscribe from that list. :)

Oh! You DO want those things you say?! Me too. This blog is my personal accountability partner. It’s more than just a place to feature sessions. I’ve got big plans for it and I hope you’ll join me. But more than that, I hope you’ll join in. It’s not much fun writing to a blank page. Download the guide and let me hear how it’s going! Leave me a message on Facebook and tell me what you are struggling most with! Ready, Go!

(Below is a little iPhone inspiration from our family album. All of the images on this post taken with iPhone 4, 5s or 6)

Guide to taking better iPhone pics Guide to taking better iPhone pics

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