Which Family Photographer Should You Hire?

You’ve gushed over her family photos since your friend first posted them but something just seems….off. Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautiful, but they aren’t exactly what YOU want. You might be looking for a style that is just a little bit different.

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find a perfect pair of jeans? One doesn’t fit you in the hips, that one flares too much. This one leaves your butt feeling a bit neglected and those ones…well we’ll pretend you never tried those on. But when you find “THE jeans, the ones that fit you oh so right in all the right places, they become the ones you wear out and stock up on.

Finding a family photographer is a bit like the jean search. Photographers have so many styles just like there are different styles of clients…and jeans. So how do you find the right one? It starts with knowing which style you are looking for.

A good match is made when: Your Vision for Family Photos = Style of Photographer

I’ve put together a short little self quiz for you! Find out which style of photographer you are most drawn to so it’s easier to find them in your hunt for a family photographer. Choose the answer you most closely identify with:

  1. I want a family portrait that:
    a) Was quick but got the job done. Everyone is smiling, outfits look good. I’m checking that task off for the year.
    b) Posed at a beautiful outdoor location. Can’t wait to share these with friends and family.
    c) Has us all in the frame but I don’t need it posed. I want our portrait to show emotion rather than perfect smiles.
    d) Shows what we love doing as a family but none of us realized the photographer was taking.
  2. If my photographer mentions using props I:
    a) Can’t wait to see which props match this year’s studio backdrop.
    b) Get giddy and bring out my own Pinterest inspired stash of tutus and bow ties.
    c) Hmm, depends on the prop I guess. It would have to serve a purpose or have meaning to our family.
    d) Run far away from the photographer.
  3. My perfect beach portrait would be:
    a) In front of a backdrop of a picture of the beach. Lots of sand in the studio, maybe a fishing net hanging from the ceiling and my kids sitting in    a boat for the picture.
    b) A beautiful portrait of my family in coordinated clothing, posed on the rocks, all smiling with the waves crashing and the Hotel Del Coronado in the background.
    c) A moment that was captured from playing on the beach. The kids in their swimsuit and mom and dad hugging on tightly to them after they came squealing back when a wave had just soaked their little legs.
    d) Just a picture as we were and what we were doing unaware that anyone was taking a picture.
  4. The thought of a photographer taking pictures of us in our home just doing what we do sounds:
    a) Like they won’t get that perfectly posed picture I want.
    b) Nerve wracking. I’d rather have a beautiful outdoor portrait where she will tell us what to do, where to sit and where to put our hands.
    c) Intriguing, but I feel like we aren’t all that interesting or our house is pretty bland and messy. Will she have enough to photograph?
    d) Awesome! My kids are growing way too fast and I just want to remember all those little details without feeling like we are forcing pictures.
  5. I want a backdrop that:
    a) Is simple, maybe white or gray.
    b) A beautiful outdoor location like the beach.
    c) Someplace that has meaning to our family like our home, our backyard, or a favorite place to play.
    d) Shows our life. A messy kitchen after baking or an unkempt bedroom from playing too much.

Add up your answers and Get Your Results!