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A photo for your great grandchildren

If You Could Be Remembered in One Picture, What Would It Be?

By on November 17, 2015

A photo for your great grandchildren dug out an old box of my grandmothers family photos. Most from the late 1930’s. Of family members I assume. The images were strikingly beautiful. I stared a good long while puzzled over why I was so drawn to them. Essentially they were strangers. I had no idea of their names or their stories. And then it hit me. It was one photo of each person. One image in a roll of 12 frames or so that they purposely chose to capture that person. One photo to remember them by. One photo is all I have.

The pictures had me asking the question: “If you could be remembered in one image, what would it be?” What would you choose to use your one frame of film on? What piece of the story would you want your great-great-great-grandchildren to discover about you looking at that one picture? Because that’s all I have of these people from our family’s past. That’s all that was passed down. In the end one picture was all that mattered.

What does your one look like?

A photo for your great grandchildren



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